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メーカー: Sauvage
品番: suv-1856
配信開始日: 2023-05-26
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Anatomy has intrigued the human mind since man first stood upright, so it's perhaps not at all surprising that Joel Tamir and his new buddy, Jon Biscuit, are taking time out to study the bodily form. Nor is it that amazing that they should take their interest to a whole new level; as they quickly abandon their book, in order to engage in a much more hands-on approach. The result is this superb coupling between two of the hottest lads on the Staxus books; with the experienced Joel soon taking charge of the encounter by thrusting that oversized cock of his deep into his buddy's clearly very hungry hole. Needless to say, Jon ...Read More
clearly loves every inch of it; ultimately exploding in delight, before Joel himself unleashes a torrent of spunk!