Thai Snatch Masters 2 gbt-87688 Bee Ice Nang Pai

女优: Bee   Ice   Nang   Pai  
片商: Globe Twatters
番号: gbt-87688
发行日期: 2018-01-10
播放时长: 0 分钟
The World's best Thai pussy hunters are back! But this time, iT's not only Thai birthing canals they are after. That's right, in this second volume of mongering through Thailand, our boys are in search of a few trips up ?Brownsville Pike?, and they'll stop at nothing to reach their tight musky destination! Lucky for them, Thai chicks are particularly agreeable to such foreign incursions into their rears. In fact, if getting fucked in the ass by white guys was an Olympic event, Thailand would take gold every time ? and do it with a smile! Nang, Pai, Bee & Ice give sphincter-swelling performances that definitely aren't for the faint of heart. So get your five-finger racing gloves on because this marathon-like display of ass-hammering in the Orient spans more than 3 HOURS!